Directorate of Industrial Supervision and Inspection

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Ministry of Industry


Electrical Inspection Sector

Inspect and supervise electric power generation, transmission and distribution system in private, co-operative and public sectors in accordance with the Electricity Law(2014) and the existing Regulations(1985). 


Priority aims   the safety of public from electrical hazard.


  1. To protect the human health and safety from electrical hazard.
  2. To improve the efficiency of the electrical appliancesand human resources. 
  3. To Prolong the Life of Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
  4. To determine the dispute or argue between electricity supplier and consumer.
  5. To be used the electricity beneficially and safety.


               Electrical Inspection Department is carrying  out inspection of electricity related business and the electrical equipment in accordance with the electricity law (2014) and existing regulations as follows:

  1. Inspect the high and low power utilization, the internal wiring of the public buildings, electrical appliances such as battery chargers, heater, welder, generator, power meter and etc. , elevator , escalator, high voltage line and sub-station and issue the certificate of electrical safety.
  2. Inspect the generation and utilization by using generator and issue the certificate of registration for power generation and distribution.
  3. Issuing the electrical professional certificate to the certified person.
  4. Issuing the certificate of conformity and certificate of electrical safety after testing the local & import electrical and electronic goods with IEC Standards at laboratory.

Electrician Training

          Providing the following electrician training to  improve Human Resources, produce skillful electrician and to operate and control safety  any electrical appliances –

  1. Basic Electrician Training
  2. Advanced Electrician Training
  3. Internal Electrician Training related with testing and inspection
  4. Basic Mobile Electrician Training

Standardization for Electrical and Electronic

The standardizations are being implemented by EES Sub-committee chaired by Electrical Inspection Director to conduct the IEC standards.

JSC EEE Focal Point

To be harmonized the Electrical and Electronic Equipment in ASEAN Region, JSCEEE members in ASEAN Region must be implement AHEEERR. Electrical Inspection Department isresponsible  the focal point of JSCEEE.