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Knowledge for Business Owners

Knowledge for Business Owner

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   A person desirous of conducting any private industrial enterprises shall apply for registration in accordance with the private industrial enterprise law to the respective State/Regional/ Naypyitaw Union Territory offices in the prescribed manner.

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The boiler Law was enacted in 14 July, 2015 to replace the Boiler Law 1984. The Boiler Inspection Department inspects all boilers in the whole country in accordance with the law of 2015 and International Boiler Standards on yearly basis. Over 2300 boilers are now in use in various industries in Myanmar.

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Electrical Inspection Department is carrying out inspection of electricity related business and the electrical equipment in accordance with the electricity law (2014) and existing regulations as follows:

  1. Inspect the high and low power utilization, the internal wiring of the public buildings, electrical appliances such as battery chargers, heater, welder, generator, power meter and etc. , elevator , escalator, high voltage line and sub-station and issue the certificate of electrical safety.
  2. Inspect the generation and utilization by using generator and issue the certificate of registration for power generation and distribution.
  3. Issuing the electrical professional certificate to the certified person.
  4. Issuing the certificate of conformity and certificate of electrical safety after testing the local & import electrical and electronic goods with IEC Standards at laboratory.

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The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Law was enacted on 9th April 2015 by the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw No.23,2015. The objectives of this law are as follows:

  • To enable to accept the information related to business, technical assistance and financial aids for the small and medium enterprises
  • To reach local and international markets and enhance the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises
  • To have new employment opportunities and increase income of the people through the development of the small and medium enterprises
  • To reduce the difficulties and obstacles in business operations of small and medium enterprises

The Ministry of Industry was the focal ministry of the SMEs Development according to the Union Government’s notification no 19/2016 announced on 19th January 2016.

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Registered Private Industrial Enterprises in Myanmar by Location and Industrial Category

Registered Private Industrial Enterprises in Myanmar by Size and Location

Registered Private Industrial Enterprises in Myanmar by Size and Industrial Category